Thursday, January 19, 2017

CNY 2017: Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott KL

Usher in the Year of the Rooster with exquisite Shanghainese cuisine at Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur. From 1 January until 11 February 2017, the restaurant will be showcasing three exclusive festive set menus as well as festive a la carte dishes, dim sum and an assortment of yee sang, specially created by Chinese Chef Wong Wing Yeuk and his team.

There will be a 6-course Chinese New Year Prosperity Menu for RM238 nett per person as well as two 9-course CNY Set Menus, priced at RM1988 nett and RM2688 nett per table of 10 persons respectively. For the menus, please scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Chef Wong, who hails from Shanghai has been with the restaurant for over 18 years. An advocate of healthy eating, this is reflected in his CNY creations, such as the yee sang which uses fresh fruits. Lime juice, olive oil and a specially concocted wasabi sauce is poured over the fresh fruits yee sang, before the prosperity toss, aka 'lo hei'. Other than the fresh fruits yee sang, diners can also choose from various other toppings such as lobster, geoduck clam, sliced abalone, jellyfish, baby abalone, salmon, Mediterranean octopus, Hokkaido sea urchin as well as vegetarian ham, with prices starting from RM88 nett.

The Double boiled superior fish maw soup with fermented black garlic, black chicken and cordyceps flower was one of the more unique soups we ate this CNY. Fermented black garlic is sweet and syrupy with hints of balsamic vinegar and is prized as a health food, as it is high in antioxidant. The soup had great depth of flavour and was nourishing and absolutely delicious!

Fish is a must during CNY as it symbolises abundance for the new year. The Pan-fried cod with a touch of brandy was excellent - beautifully crisp on the exterior, while staying moist within.

Noodles symbolise longevity, so get slurping! The Shanghainese seafood noodles with black truffle paste are handmade in-house and topped with prawns, scallops and fish fillet. The black truffle paste added extra fragrance and a luxurious touch to the dish.

Shanghai Restaurant is famed for its Steamed Shanghainese meat dumpling aka xiao long bao, so a meal here is not complete without having this delicacy. According to Chef Wong, nine out of ten guests would order this. I was very impressed as the XLB here was made with finesse and had super thin, translucent skin with a juicy filling. No wonder it is touted as the best XLB in town ;)

Our meal concluded with a refreshing and light Chilled cream of sago with mango and pomelo, as well as Pan-fried glutinous rice cake with sesame seed.

CNY Set Menus

For reservations or more information on the CNY menus, please call 03- 2719 8288 or email

Opening times: Mon-Sat 12pm-2.30pm (lunch); 6.30pm - 10.30pm (dinner). Sun and PH 10.30am - 2.30pm.

Location: Shanghai Restaurant, First Floor, JW Marriott KL, 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2719 8288

GPS Coordinates: 3.147950, 101.713831

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sleep Tight with Dreamland

I'm sure you will all agree that health is the most important aspect of our lives.  We have always ensured that BabySumoKids get to bed early since young children require an adequate amount of quality sleep so that they can grow healthily to their full potential. According to the National Sleep Foundation, newborns should sleep 12 to 18 hours, 12 to 14 hours for toddlers ages 1 to 3; 11 to 13 hours for preschoolers 3 to 5; and 10 to 11 hours for schoolchildren ages 5 to 10.

The best way to enjoy a good nights' sleep is to have a quality mattress to sleep upon. Now that Chloe is close to outgrowing her junior bed, we got her a single bed mattress from Dreamland just in time for Christmas. A perfectly practical gift ;)

Commonly it is the older generation who develop problems with their backs. Children can often appear indestructible, however it is important to make sure that a growing child has a good back support mattress so that their spine will not misalign as they grow. Hence as parents it is our responsibility to help our children care for their back.

The Dreamland Chiro range comes with Miracoil, the world's most advanced spring system will provide your back with the ultimate support while you sleep. There is 50% more coil in the center zone for comfort and increased spinal support.

Furthermore, the Chiro Amethyst Sensotic mattress that we got has Sensotic yarn weaved into the mattress' fabric and will relieve body tension resulting in deep sleep at night, so you will wake up in the morning feeling revitalised. It is made from 100% natural latex, which offers extra support for the spine and cushion pressure points for a more comfortable sleep. Dreamland Chiro Amethyst Sensotic mattresses has sensotic yarn weaved into the fabric to help turn negative energy into positive ones for a relaxing sleep. The mattress also comes with a 10 year warranty.

Chloe loves her new bed and has been enjoying her bedtime much more than ever. Just after one sleep, she woke up excitedly and told us the next morning how comfortable and soft her new bed is. Her new bed also makes her feel like a "Big Girl". She wakes up looking more refreshed and well-rested, and ready to take on the day in school.

In conjunction with Dreamland Malaysia's 40th anniversary, they will be many amazing giveaways and promotions - visit their Facebook page for more details. Do head on to their website here and YouTube channel here to find out more about the Miracoil Spring System!

*This is a sponsored post. 

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